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Yehonatan Rubin

co-founder and chairman

Yehonatan - personal page picture.jpg

BSc & MSc in CS

8200 Major

Technological experience
from hands-on positions to group lead

A passionate storyteller, and always in innovative positions, Yehonatan could not overlook the power hidden within the Psagot alumni network of connections. Leading him to the task of establishing this organization with the vision of building a home for innovation.

Yehonatan served as an intelligence officer (Major) in the 8200 unit of the IDF. Starting from a hands-on position as a cyber operative, building up to a leadership position as technological group lead. With vast technological experience combined with great people skills, he was also personally asked by the head of the 8200 unit (Brigadier General) to lead a joint project with the PMO (Prime minister office).  

Yehonatan lives with his wife Adi in the Sharon area of Israel where they maintain an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle.
His passion and skills shine in management positions where he's charged with steering a major product with multiple stakeholders to satisfy clients' needs and meet business goals.

Yehonatan holds a MSc in Computer Science from the Technion with a thesis in Algo Trading - modeling mathematical operations from a network perspective, and a Software Engineering BSc from the Techinon. He takes great pride in being a Psagot alumnus.


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