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עודכן: 15 באפר׳ 2021

Jeeng is bringing the power of AI and data intelligence to digital publishers with our proprietary solutions for driving audience engagement and revenue. Join our dynamic team of developers/engineers and data experts in delivering transformative data-driven engagement strategies to the fast-changing publishing industry.

Our unique content personalization solution is the only one of its kind that leverages first-party, opt-in data to help publishers build loyal, engaged, 1:1 subscriber relationships. With our platform, publishers can end their reliance on the walled gardens of search and social media and move beyond cookies to more accurately personalize content and ads and deliver them directly to subscribers at the right time, on the right channel.

Named a Fast Growth Icon, an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Company, a Crain’s Fast 50 and Red

Herring 100 Winner, Jeeng fuels the multichannel messaging strategy for over 700 publishers, including The Atlantic, Crain’s Harper Collins, and Vox Media. With a proven track record for growth, we’ve seen a solid 165% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the last 5 years, and we invest heavily in R&D with over 50% of our global team working directly in technology development.

Our fast-paced innovation, customer-centric approach, and multicultural environment make

Jeeng a dynamic, energetic, and diverse place to work. Want to make an impact in a company where data science and digital publishing intersect — all while using the latest and most advanced tech stack? Join us!

If you're interested, we welcome you to approach our CTO:

Roy is a retired Lt. Colonel from 8200, where he served for 20 years in a wide range of technological leadership roles in the core areas of Cyber Operations and Cyber R&D. As the CTO of Jeeng, he is leading innovation and engineering in order to make Jeeng the global leader in Data-driven, fully personalized messaging. You can contact him directly at to hear more!

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